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Sawnose (Bungie.net Superuser)[]

Real name : Hugh G. Rection

Occupation: Tools Programmer at Bungie Studios

Sawnose is one of the three known Bungie.net Superusers, meaning that his account has no security restrictions.

Sawnose is the Tools programmer at Bungie Studios. He used to write calculator programs for a small business he started in the 90's. Now Bungie has him working on a myriad of things. With Halo 2, Sawnose was responsible for integrating the stats with the website, translating the game data into a format that the website could read. He's now responsible for the stats data collection section on bungie.net, which is a very demanding job. The data he deals with is in terabytes monthly, and petabytes yearly. Needless to say, he's a very busy man.

Sawnose Sightings[]

Sawnose, although a member since 2002, rarely strays outside the Gallery and Maw forums, when he posts at all. He is also known to contribute the occasional news article to the front page, most of which concern the Halo 2 online servers or the Bungie.net servers, and important things that will be happening in the future.

If you experience a Sawnose Sighting in any circlejerk other than the Gallery and the Maw, please call the toll-free Sawnose Tipline, or seek emotional support.

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