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Seraphim Crypto was one of Bungie's volunteer website moderators. Originally[1], he was asked to become a Forum Mentor in 2015 to help Bungie's German community, but in 2017, he became a Forum Ninja to help moderate the website. He joined the website in 2010 to play Halo: Reach. He wanted his forum avatar to be a fanart of Mega Absol[2] from the Pokémon series because it represented his username well (Seraphim – Angel wings; Crypto – Dark/Shadow Pokémon type in German).

I'm a person that loves to help other people out of many reasons, the simplest one that it keeps me happy. Also, I'm a fan of Bungie since my mate introduced Halo 2 to me in 2005. And ever since the beta, I'm amazed by Destiny. Earlier this year I came back to Bungie.net forums and noted the #Help-Forum. I dived in there and answered a few questions. People thanked me and it made me happy. So I started helping people everyday and that led to an invitation of Bungie to join this team. I decided to join the ranks because I want to give the community back the love they gave me!

~ Seraphim Crypto on why he became a Forum Mentor

As a leader of the German community, Bungie flew him to Seattle to participate in a "community summit" for Destiny 2. He also helped Duardo find German websites for Bungie's Mental Health Resources article[3].

Death and Impact[]

Seraphims Gauntlets

The "Seraphim's Gauntlets" emblem

It was announced on January 31, 2022[1], that Seraphim had passed away after being in a medically induced coma a few months prior due to suffering a brain aneurysm.

In September of that year[4], it was announced that Bungie would honor Seraphim's memory by releasing a Destiny 2 emblem that was free for everyone to use. The emblem, named "Seraphim's Gauntlets," included elements to present a few of his favorite things: Destiny, Titan gauntlets, and the number 37. While the icon on the emblem only shows 36 dots, one was left unlit in the center to represent his loss. The code for the emblem is XVX-DKJ-CVM and can be redeemed on Bungie.net.

Favorite Things[]

Seraphim shared many of his favorite things in the moderator's chat, according to Duardo[4]:

  1. The Exo Void of Dawn Titan class from Destiny 2
  2. Armor from the Scourge of the Past raid/Season of the Forge
  3. Using bows
  4. The number 37
  5. The color purple
  6. Toast
  7. Fighting for human rights

Bungie.net Profile[]

  • Profile Page[5]
  • Join Date: June 27, 2010
  • Motto: The Infinite One
  • About: Traversing the Gallery of Time