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The Seventh Column Week in Review (usually written as 7th Column Week in Review) was a semi-monthly news post shared by Matt Soell for the Seventh Column section of Bungie.net from 2002 until 2003 when Frankie joined the studio and started writing his own Weekly Updates.

Prior to these news posts, Soell wrote weekly updates specifically for Halo's development.


The purpose of the 7th Column Week in Review was to share information about the latest happening within the Seventh Column, such as highlighting new and upcoming Chapters and Chapter events, and updates about Halo: Combat Evolved and Oni.

Based on limited information, it appears that these news posts were intended to be weekly, but either weren't and become semi-monthly due to lack of news to share, or were lost to time due to Bungie.net database changes throughout the years.


Note: Some news posts have been lost or only partially retained due to database changes between various Bungie.net updates, or because the title of the update was never mentioned.