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there are no theories. There are no answers. There is only...Skiptrace™

~ sir_brilliant on Skiptrace

Skiptrace is somewhat of an enigma.

Not much is know about him, or what he does, although it was assume that he had moderator powers as he used to be a member of HFCS. After this thread was made about his he was soon removed from HFCS and lost his Ninja Title Bar scheme and Bungie Employee title which now says 'Absent Member'. However when/if he signs back in he may gain them back. Even so, he does not have a custom avatar as the other moderators do - in fact, he uses the default site avatar. (It is unknown if Skiptrace is even a 'he' in the first place.)

Default avatar

Skiptace's current avatar.

Skiptrace created his bungie.net account on the 9th of March in 2006. He was discovered a little over half an hour later when a bungie.net user recognized him on the members list of the bungie.net moderator group, HFCS. This spawned a flurry of speculation as to his mysterious appearance in the days following. The first thread regarding Skiptrace has since been deleted.

Skiptrace's title was "Web Tester," so it is assumed that this account belongs to a member of the Community Team. But his true identity remains a mystery. In fact, all that is publicly know about Skiptrace is that he is from the United States, as confirmed by the location section of his profile page.

Skiptrace usually posts in sudden "spurts" - in the rarity of him being online, he usually manages to make a considerable amount of forum posts. From his recent posts, it is clear that he is knowledgeable on gaming

Skiptrace absent

Skiptrace's current title.



Skiptrace's former title bar.

Skiptrace's current title is 'Bungie Employee' however his Title Bar is the style of the Forum Ninjas. In HFCS his title is Master Forum Ninja.


  • Igni Ferroque


Skiptrace's Bungie.Net Profile

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