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SneakerNet code at the top of Halo: Reach's Network Status menu

SneakerNet was a networking technology released by Bungie on April 1, 2012, for Halo: Reach after transferring the franchise to 343 Industries.[1] The technology allowed users to connect their Bungie.net and Xbox accounts to update their Halo: Reach emblem and player model avatars on the Bungie forums, as well as download a render of their Halo: Reach character.[2][3] Users had to have an existing Halo: Reach record prior to March 31 to use this technology.

When Bungie.next launched in 2013, SneakerNet went on hiatus for a few months before returning in May 2013.[4] The feature was permanently retired on December 4, 2014,[5] due to ongoing costs of maintaining compatibility with Bungie's servers outweighing how many people who were still using the feature regularly.


Below are the steps and details a player had to perform to update their Halo: Reach avatars on Bungie.net:

  1. Sign in to Bungie.net with a profile that has an existing Reach service record, and click Profile in the main navigation bar.
  2. Click the Game Settings tab
  3. Click the new Player Model link below the tab
  4. Below the explanatory image, a line of text will remind you of the last Service Tag we have on record for you. Set your Reach service tag back to this value if you've changed it.
  5. The image on Bungie.net shows where in the Reach main menu you can find your armor code (Start -> Network Status, then wait for about 30 seconds for the code to appear at the top). Your Service Tag on that screen must match the one on Bungie.net for this to work.
  6. Carefully record the code you see at the top of the screen, and enter it into the box on Bungie.net. It is 64 characters long, consisting only of the digits 0-9 and the letters A-F. Be careful, 0 looks like D, and 6, 8 and B look similar. I recommend typing it first into a different text editor and pasting it into Bungie.net so you can easily try again if you make a mistake.
  7. Hit the Save Changes button. We will then attempt to render your armor image. We have no way to give immediate feedback if you entered the code correctly, so you'll have to wait about 5 minutes and check your Service Record to see if it updates or not.
  8. Once you see your armor or emblem change, that means it worked!
  9. From your service record page, click your armor image to see the full-size version. Now add &vid=1 to the end of the URL in your browser's address bar and hit enter, and you can download a video (AVI) file of your Spartan seen from all angles. (This will only exist after you use the new text-code feature)


  • Bungie fan no7 reach last played

    A player's Reach card updated due to using SneakerNet

    It appears that SneakerNet was added to Halo: Reach as a hidden easter egg in one of Bungie's final updates to the game. It is unknown if 343 Industries knew about the easter egg.
  • For SneakerNet to work, players had to find a hidden 64-digit code located in Halo: Reach's Network Status menu after waiting about 30 seconds for the code to appear at the top of the page.[6][7][8] The Service Tag on that screen had to match the one on Bungie.net for the feature to work correctly.
  • Many players thought this feature was a joke due to being unable to see the code due to only owning a standard definition television.
  • The SneakerNet feature ran on an Xbox at sawnose's desk from November 2012[9] until, seemingly, it was retired in December 2014.
  • When using SneakerNet and the player model updates on the website, the player's "Last Played" updates as well.[10][11]