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The subject of this article is Bungie Lore; one of the many myths, legends, and easter eggs that have been created by Bungie.


The official logo of Soffish



Soffish is a water-absorbent toy fish. Soffish was first found here on Bungie.net. The reasons why Bungie seems to have an obsession with Soffish remain a mystery. Soffish apparently went missing during Bungie's move to Washington, and has yet to be found.

Back of Box[]

Soffish Front

The front of the Soffish box

Soffish Back

The back of the Soffish box


  • This Soffish DO NOT EAT.
  • Not recommended for age under 3.
  • Put Soffish in a half-filled bottle, the water will be absorbed soon.


  • Real fishes might hurt human body. Soffish is 100% harmless.
  • Put Soffish beside real fish as indoor decoration is also fun.


  • Put Soffish in water and watch it grow.
  • Soffish can easily absorb water.
  • Put Soffish in fish-globe or bottle as indoor decoration.
  • As bath-toy is also very fun.


  • Transparent resin might come out of the Soffish. If so, clean it with water.
  • Do not keep Soffish in water too long.



  • The toy was purchased by Matt Soell at the American Science & Surplus Store in Chicago, Illinois. He actually purchased two for 10 cents USD each. "In hindsight," he says, "I wish I had bought their entire stock."[1][2]
  • According to Stosh, Brian Jarrard (Sketch) still has the box.[3]
  • When the Bungie Webcam was active, fans would watch for glimpses of Soffish, becoming so popular that Bungie named the Bungie Webcam site: soffish.bungie.com.
  • On December 25, the sign on the Halo 2 map, Zanzibar, changes to an image of Soffish on a dinner plate with the caption, "Danger, This Soffish, DO NOT EAT!"