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Nickname: Classified

Classification: MiddleSchool

Current Job: Technical Art Director

Origin: New Yawk

Blood Type: ice water

Age: 41

Weight: 228 minae

Height: 4.11 cubits

Girth: 1.42 grades

First Job: Animating accident videos

Ultimate Snack: Sweet 'n Salty Nut Bars

Ultimate Website: ActingForAnimators.com

Fake Weapon: arcane historical references

Favorite Roman Emperor: Vespasian

Personal Links[]

Theodox.com - personal page

Secret Site - Classified


I’ve been an animator and modeler since the dark ages of the early 90’s -- I started on text based mainframer renderers when I was avoiding working on a PhD in Roman History. I got into the games business in 1995 at Fasa Interactive in Chicago, where I worked on MechCommander and very briefly on the doomed MechWarrior 3 – I also used to pass by Bungie Chicago on my way to work every day, and I visited the Halstead Street office when what-was-to-become-Halo was a still an RTS.

I moved to Seattle to work on Half-Life – in an office that looked down into the food prep area of the Thai restaurant behind the BungieDome. During TFC, Ricochet, and Counter-Strike I gradually picked up a lot of pipeline wrangling in addition to animating, though most of my time was spent protecting Travis Brady from Ken Birdwell’s wrath.

I then walked across the parking lot to Rad Game Tools, located over the Park Place Cinema, where I did research , tools, and demos for the Granny animation system.

I vainly attempted to escape Kirkland in ’04 by moving to Zipper Interactive, where I was the tools and tech czar for their nextGen project. Last year was spent with ex-Bungies Michael Evans and Hamilton Chu attempting to con unsuspecting publishers out of $20,000,000 but to no avail – the gravitational pull of Park Place could not be defeated.

I’ve given up fighting and embraced my destiny: tools, pipelines, and Apple Pancakes.


Pythagoras, who discovered the famous Pythagorean Theorem (a^2 + b^2 = c^2) also taught that beans are taboo because they caused the soul to leak out of the body. As he he lay dying one of his disciples farted -- hearing the noise he sat up in bed, angrily cried out "Wretches! I told you NO BEANS!" and expired.


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