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The Annual Bungie Awards were a Bungie.net community-run contest that was held once in 2012.


The Annual Bungie Awards originated through a small group of friends in a private Group known as Bnet Regulars. Discussions about an awards contests began in February 2012, with Spawn031 asking DeeJ if a community "contest" would be allowed. DeeJ gave instruction that an initial thread could be created as a "hub" for information, but everything else had to be discussed in a private group.[1]

Within the group, members could nominate each other, as well as those throughout the community, for specific rewards. Once a nomination was put forward, members could vote to decide who should win.

There were three phases of the awards:

  1. A brainstorming phase where only staff members gathered to decide on what awards to give, with the intention to give a positive outlook on the Bungie Community. Some awards were rejected or renamed, however, there was a feedback thread where other members could post awards they would like to see in the future.
  2. Phase two was nominations for each award. Once the group became public, members from around bungie.net were able to nominate other members for specific awards. Members couldn't nominate themselves. The nomination phase only lasted three days, from Friday to Sunday. Once the nominations were completed, it was up to the staff to compile them and repost the voting threads.
  3. Phase three was for voting. Members were sent a reminder private message about the voting phase beginning on December 31, 2012. Voting was only open for 24 hours. Once completed, the results were posted to the community forum in the hub thread.


Winner of the 2012 awards:[1]

  • Most Likely to Become Urk: DeeJ
  • Most Likely to Become Jerome: ALI217
  • Most Likely to Become DeeJ: spawn031
  • Most Likely to Become Stosh: burritosenior
  • Most Likely to Become Achronos: dazarobbo
  • Thread Creator of The Year: Helveck
  • Best Thread of 2012: ******* from Erie, PA, I met your mom![2] - by bobcast
  • WALL O TEXT Award: Helveck
  • I Hate Everything Award: elmicker
  • Jester of the Year: Helveck
  • Lurker of The Year: Phoenix1710
  • Most Likely To Donate to Obscure Charity: evilcam
  • Coffee Addict Award: CamCam
  • I'm Just Here Award: MyNameIsCharlie
  • Signature of The Year: mvyorkie009
  • Best Legs Award: Recon Number 54
  • Sexy Member of the Year: TOM T
  • Young Grasshopper of The Year: ChorrizoTapatio
  • Old Fart of The Year: Old Papa Rich
  • Member of The Year: A 3 Legged Goat
  • Heroic Member of The Year: spartain ken 15
  • Legendary Member of The Year: edableshoe
  • Mythic Member of The Year: Helveck
  • Forum Ninja of the Year: 3 WAY TIE!
    1. evilcam
    2. Recon Number 54
    3. True Underdog
  • Bungie Employee of the Year: DeeJ

Private Group[]

The voting and nominating process takes place in a Group.[3]

Staff Members:

  • spawn031 (founder)
  • antony X1000
  • burritosenior
  • Hylebos
  • ecartman1214
  • ECOH Cam
  • Kickimanjaro
  • sam da man 2008