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The Black Chapter
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Motto "Falling into the chasms of political and idealogical division."
Members 1144 (10/31/10)
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Group Description[]

The Black Chapter - home of the mass debate!

The Black Chapter is a chapter on bungie.net dedicated to hosting threads concerning topics which get locked in all of the mains, including politics, religion, etc. It is often referred to by moderators as the place to go to discuss these topics.

Tbc was founded on the 20th of January 2005 by Un Gato, who has left the chapter to govern itself since leaving for university.

The Black Chapter is the most active of the three main 'politics chapters' (Body Politic, Discussion Corner and The Black Chapter), with the largest amount of registered users and having been founded at the earliest date. The other two 'politics' chapters are almost completely devoid of activity.

The Chapter has a moderation structure. At the top are the the 'Dictator' triumvurate, Primum Agmen, EAGLES5 and JAVA2. They hold executive mod powers, including changing moderator positions, opening/closing group membership, etc. Below them are the 'Monarchs', who have less executive powers but can ban users for long periods of time. The lowest mod ranks are the 'Nobles'. They can lock threads/edit posts and ban users for up to a week.

Recently a 'Mod thread' was opened for moderators to log their decisions and leave them open for discussion, which was inspired by the 'executive action register' of Body Politic.

In the past some users could be given the title 'LIEK, TOTALLY RITE', as a 'reward' for being obnoxious and poor at debating (though not actually banned). Though it was deemed quite funny, the title was removed since it was judged to not incentivise improving one's manner, and arbitrarily given to users without any clear qualifying reasons. All non-moderators are known as 'Sans-cullotes', a reference to the poor classes of ancien regime France; the theme of feudalism and tyranny etc permeates the other ranks.

Moderating staff[]

The Tbc moderating staff are a mixed bunch, both in the extent of their activity and their political orientation. A great many of the staff haven't been seen in years.


Eagle 117 (dormant)


GameJunkieJim (dormant)


Primum Agmen

Socialist (dormant)

Un Gato (group founder, dormant)


Banshee Baron




Lord Scyolinx

Sir Cumference

Texas Ben

VII Toast



Captain K Mart



Douglas Brown

Griffin Spades