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The Flood library is a series of threads on Bungie.net's Flood Forum that were created to catalog the pieces of fiction, non fiction, and general forum activity by Floodians.

The First Flood Library[]

File:Flooded Library.jpg

A Flooded Library

The Flood Library was founded by former member Chi Chi. It was a very active thread, but did not constantly update once it got to near capacity. However, the pages of the thread were filled with multiple links to other stories. It was the best place to try and find something to read. It was deleted on The Day After Bungie Day.

The Second Flood Library[]

After the Flood Library was destroyed, a large effort was made to save and find whatever links to former stories. Although the collection still isn't complete, a larger amount of links were rediscovered by Floodians, and new ones have been added. squirrel dude is the 2nd Flood Librarian. However, the second Library is starting to run out of space, although the two front pages have been backed up in case of a second DABD.

The Third Flood Library[]

Due to the waning activity of the second flood librarian squirrel dude, it was decided that either a new thread was needed, or a new librarian was needed. Squirrel wholeheartedly agreed. In a short conversation, an up-and-coming forum fiction writer, the panzie man , offered to take the mantle. Squirrel accepted. The third flood library is nearly identical to the second, but an update is in the works that should change it for the better.