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"The Frozen Minority" is a tight-knit group of friends originally from the Bungie Jumpers group. "TFM" for short, it began as a successful Halo 2 clan that begun shortly after Halo 2's release, and has since moved on to Halo3, Cod4, GTA and Gears. We play a sick round of Marble Blast Ultra, too.

There is also a companion TFM invision free forum, although this has a large mix of members from the Bungie jumpers and moap on the member list.


The clan has been going strong since the early days of Halo 2, and many of the members have known each other for years. Originally planned (by founders JAY132 and Comrade_Max) to be a British clan, the idea quickly dissolved when Maraxus6 and Jeff McRae joined the fray. "Australians have the union jacks in their flag too" was the name of a thread where they decided to invite our favourite australian... Pezza. The clan quickly became international. The clan is amongst the oldest H2 clans out there and will continue to be until we beome old and haggard. The clan is still going, although now more a 'social group' spread over a number of titles, rather than a particular gaming clan.

Moderators, Influence in the Community, and Controversy

Several members have been made into moderators on Bungie.net. These are Ash55, Pezza, Nedus, Slayer, and Butane. This, along with the TFM's carefree, sometimes trollish behavior has led to some stick that the clan's reputation has received, although all members have a deep love for bungie, and aspects of its community.

The TFM has a reputation for mischief online, ranging from the hilarious Spartan Bruce, convincing oblivious members to go through increasingly ludicrous steps in order to gain Recon Armour, to creating rumors which made their way as far as the front page of Kotaku and Gamespot.

Some people take the internet far too seriously, devoting themselves to massive threads in the septagon whining about the clan and bias in the moderator selection process, but the general thought of the TFM seems to be 'lol and move on'


Since many members were unhappy with the latest Bungie.net groups update, nearly all of the active members continued to post on an Offsite forum which was originally intended to be used only while the groups were down for maintenance. (If you need to ask to get in, the answer is no.)