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The Marty Army
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Motto Ten million strong... and growing!
Members 2825 (as of 7/15/2012)
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Welcome to the Marty Army. Please chop your mullet at the door.


The Marty Army was created by Max Hoberman and Matt Soell as a test chapter for the (then) new chapter system on Bungie.net, and thus being the first Bungie.net Chapter. The name was chosen as both an homage to the Kiss Army and a joke at Marty O'Donnell's expense (which seems to be a running theme at Bungie). Soon after, Max gave Marty control of the chapter and he turned it into the thriving 2000+ member site it is today.

Quoted from Marty[]

"In the first place, I can't believe how many members we have in this group. For those of you who aren't familiar with the origins of "The Marty Army", let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, long before Halo was shipped, a team of wise-ass community people at Bungie (Max and Matt) decided that a web site called "The Seventh Column" would be a good idea for Bungie fans who wanted a place to gather, swap stories, or form clans that could beat each other up playing Bungie games. While Max and Matt worked on the beta version of this idea, they created a test group to try out different features, and thought it was funny to call it "The Marty Army". When The Seventh Column launched, that original test group was the first official group formed because of its head start. That's why yeroen (Max) is the founder--not yours truly. The humor was lost on me. I decided to take over the group and make it the powerhouse you see today. Thank you for your support. Once Bungie takes over the world, The Marty Army will take over Bungie and then we'll really have some fun. In the second place, thanks for the great responses about the Halo 2 Soundtrack Volume 2. I've read every post and will continue to read them until I've made final decisions. It really has been a great help and an encouragement to me to see how many of you actually care about this music. Thanks again. Marty"

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