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The screw achievement

A meme created by BadM0nkey117.

The Screw was a nickname used by a user on Bungie.net to describe the Septagon.

the screw beside your name why in the lobby

how do you get it?

~ drop4tay


When Halo 3 launched in 2007, players had the option to connect their Xbox account to their Bungie.net account. Doing so would make the Septagon appear on their nameplate during matchmaking.

In April 2008, a member named "drop4tay" was trying to figure out how to obtain this icon to their matchmaking nameplate since the game did not tell players how to do this. Drop4tay created a thread in the Bungie Community Forum asking for assistance regarding this, but used the term "screw" since nothing in Halo 3 told players what the icon was called.[1]

The screw

An avatar created by SonicJohn

This created a meme on the forums that lasted for many years. Avatars and picture memes were created, and Groups were made with the sole rule being that members had to use the phrase "the screw."[2][3]


~ Evilcam

From this day forward, every man, woman, and child shall bear witness. They shall fully be aware that "Septagon" is no more. They shall proclaim to the heavens that it will now be called "The Screw." They shall honor it. Cherish it. Love it. They shall become one with it. This is no longer their Septagon. This is no longer their Bungie Community Forum. This shall forever more, be known as "The Screw.

~ Duardo