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Septagon screenshot

The Septagon in Jan. 2010

The Septagon was the original name of the "Bungie.net Community Forum" on Bungie.net. It's description was that it was "a gathering place for the Bungie community."

From its creation to it's shutdown, Bungie.net community members gathered to discuss the community, discuss website updates, share ideas, ask questions about the forums, talk about the Bungie Webcam, create and share unique projects, and more.


On November 14, 2001[1], Bungie.net relaunched and introduced the Seventh Column, the “Official Bungie fan club and underground army.” It was established to help Bungie pave the way toward World Domination and foster development of the Bungie community.

As a part of the Seventh Column, members could create their own Chapters (now known as Groups). On March 12, 2002[2], Yeroen (Max Hoberman) created “Chapter Founders[3],” a gathering place for all chapter administrators. It was here where “The Septagon[4]” was born, a forum to discuss ways to improve the Seventh Column.

To moderate this forum, Yeroen promoted a few Chapter members to become Forum Moderators (now known as Forum Ninjas). They served until the site relaunched in 2004 when The Septagon was recreated as its own forum[5].

On March 19, 2007,[6] Bungie.net was updated in preparation for Halo 3's launch. One change included was changing the name of "The Septagon" to " the Bungie Community" forum.[7]

On January 10, 2013[8][9][10][11] Bungie implemented "Bungie.next." Publicly referred to as a public beta, the update was a complete reimagining of the website. The new version of the website removed dedicated forums in favor of one forum with hashtag filtering, however, this was met with almost universal pushback, so official forum categories were added, including #Community.[12][13]

In April 2014,[14] DeeJ told the community that all Clan recruitment in the #Destiny Forum would be moved to the #Community Forum until a new forum can be created, which happened in June. However, this temporary change altered the #Community forum for the future, with DeeJ asking that people not use #Community to look for Groups anymore since #Recruitment was a main forum in February 2015.[15]

In November 2014,[16][17][18] the forums expanded to include sub-forums, with #Community receiving the All, Gallery, and Seventh Column sub-forums. In May 2016,[19] the #SeventhColumn Forum was removed.

In January 2019, the forums were updated[20][21], and #Community was removed entirely. The reason was this was due to users on the website using it entirely as a "Looking For Group" forum for Destiny and Destiny 2 activities.