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The Septagon in Jan. 2010

The Septagon is another name for the "Bungie Community Forum" on bungie.net. It's a gathering place for community members and fans of Bungie to share idea's, thoughts, and questions about the community of Bungie itself.

Chapter Founders

Most people who were around to see the birth of bungie.net's fanbase would argue that The Septagon is the first official Bungie forum despite common perception that "The Underground" was the first. This was because The Underground wasn't created until July 26th, 2002, while the Septagon, being a forum of the chapter (group) called Chapter Founders was created on March 2nd, 2002. It wasn't until The Underground was created that the main page on bungie.net simply linked it to the Chapter Founders forum (The Septagon) along with The Underground.

Shifting from mainly being the talking points and mecca for the founders community, it became the center for all community matters. It's official purpose at this time was "Discuss ways to improve the Seventh Column and take over the world. Hosted by Chapter Founders."

"Bungie.net 1.0"

Well that's what Achronos called it at the time (2004) but then years later he kind of reneged on that and seemed to call Reiginko out for calling it that in 2008. Oh well. We can't all have memories.

Anyway after that the Septagon remained and was a pretty nice place to be. At the time there was also the Maw and the Library as well as the Underground. They were heady days and much exciting discussion took place in the Septagon as the community entered a new era, hoping for good things to come. Oh well! Best laid etc etc.


The Community Forum is a place for discussion of the Bungie Website and Community in General. In this forum, you will find Duardo's Greasemonkey Thread, High Rank Elite's Webcam Thread, Duardo's Title Thread, and other material relating to the site. There is the occasional spam overflow from the other forums, but otherwise clean.

The Screw

“The screw” was an intense but short lived meme used in the Septagon to describe the Septagon. It was created by drop4tay in this thread when he/she mistakenly called the Septagon that appears at the end of a gamertag in Halo 3 a “screw.”

The meme spawned several groups and avatars, listed below;


>Avatar 1 [SonicJohn]

>Avatar 2 [SonicJohn]

>Picture 1[CAVX]

>Picture 2 [BadM0nkey117]

>The Tshirt [i use stickys]


>The Screw Community

>The Screw Crew


The Septagon