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The Seventh Column, also referred to as the Septagon.

The Seventh Column is the name of Bungie's official fanclub and "underground army." Although Bungie fansites can be found throughout the internet dating back to the 1990s, the "Seventh Column" is the collective name given to the entire Bungie Community.

One of the official logos of the Seventh Column.

The Seventh Column's "official" starting point and primary presence was located on Bungie.net through its public forums and private Groups, but that has since changed and is now associated with any website, club, clan, or anyone who is a fan of Bungie or Bungie's games.


"Brothers and Sisters: the time is nigh. There is strength in numbers. Unite and the planet is ours: www.seventhcolumn.org." - Inside the manual for Halo: Combat Evolved

On December 18, 2001,[1] Bungie said that the 7th Column needed a motto and asked the community for their help. After a few polls, the official choice became "Tru7h. Carnage. Bungie."[2]


  • The Seventh Column is another example of Bungie's and its fans' obsessions with the number Seven and also represents Bungie's Plan for World Domination.
  • In Halo 2:
    • The large structure on the multiplayer map Headlong resembles the Seventh Column.
    • The RJM 36" 7c rims on the "AMG Civilian" Warthog vehicle show off the Seventh Column.[3]
  • In Halo 3:
    • The symbol is used by the UNSC on tactical maps to identify friendly units or bases.
    • It appears in the level Crow's Nest and some multiplayer maps where some of the wall mounted computer monitors have white Seventh Column symbols among the contact icons.[4]
    • The Seventh Column emblem can also be seen on UNSC pilots' helmets.
    • In the Matchmaking lobby, the Seventh Column appears in the player's nameplate if they have logged onto Bungie.net using their Gamertag. A player gets awarded the Linktacular medal if they play a game in which all players have the Seventh Column by their name.
  • In Halo: Reach, the Pillar of Autumn's insignia, - which is actually the Marathon symbol - is replaced by the Seventh Column symbol (likely due to property rights issues).
  • In Destiny and Destiny 2, the Seventh Column is a Crucible multiplayer medal for killing seven Guardians in rapid succession. It's also a Destiny 2 triumph for the same thing. Lord Shaxx also screams out "SEVENTH COLUMN!" when obtaining the medal.
  • Bungie also used the Seventh Column as part of the logo for Bungie Rewards, a program for Destiny 2 players who can purchase real-life rewards from the Bungie Store for completing certain tasks in the game.