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The subject of this article is Bungie Lore; one of the many myths, legends, and easter eggs that have been created by Bungie.


The Shaft

The Shaft is a piece of white PVC pipe that with the words "THE SHAFT" written on one side of it.

It used to be passed to to staff members when they were given a difficult assignment or messed something up, so as to "Give someone the shaft."


  • The Shaft has been around since the pre-Marathon days and is named after an annotation (i.e. note) to describe an area in Level 27 of Marathon.
  • The PCP pipe that was used to create the Shaft was previously used to build one of Bungie's convention booths.
  • In Halo 3, the Marines will often yell, "Give 'em the shaft!" or, "We totally gave them the shaft!"
  • One of the first appearances of the Shaft came from a compilation of videos called Marathon Home Videos that was created in 1994 during the development of Marathon.[1]
  • The Other Shaft

    The Other Shaft

    According to Matt Soell,[2] there were two Shafts for some reason. This came to be known as "The Other Shaft," which was also an area in Level 27 of Marathon.