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This Week at Bungie (TWAB) was Bungie's official weekly blog post and check-in with the Destiny and Bungie Community. It ran from February 4, 2016,[1] to June 1, 2023,[2] and was the successor to the Bungie Weekly Update (2004-2016), and the precursor to This Week in Destiny (2023-Present).

Highlights of Each TWAB[]

The format of the TWAB changed over its seven+ year history, but below was the general format for all of Destiny 1 and some of Destiny 2:

  • Intro
  • Social Announcement
  • Upcoming In-Game Event
  • What's Up DOC?
  • Movie of the Week
  • Outro

Eventually, more sections were added:

  • Updates from the Destiny 2 Dev Team about upcoming Destiny 2 changes
  • Spotlight about the latest Destiny 2 collaboration or charity initiative
  • Player Support Report (which replaced the What's Up DOC? section)
  • Artist(s) of the Week

Rebrand Explanation[]

"“Whoa, wait!” you say. “Is this the Bungie Weekly Update?”

"It was, for many years. Today, we're giving it a new name so it would no longer be confused with Patch Notes. Bungie has long enjoyed taking a moment out of each week to share something from our studio with the players of our games. We may have outgrown the name in the complex era of Destiny, but we have not outgrown the weekly ritual of friendship."

~ DeeJ explaining why the rebrand happened[1]

Other Potential Names[]

DeeJ asked the community on Twitter, "What would communicate a casual act of friendship and sharing between developer and player?,"[3] and these were some of the responses he received that he highlighted in the first TWAB[1]:

  • Quarter-Monthly Hugstravaganza
  • Coffee Talk with DeeJ
  • Traveler’s Tales
  • Dear Diary
  • The Salt Block
  • Show And Tell
  • Blog With Benefits
  • Destiny Demonstrative Divulge

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