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The subject of this article is Bungie Lore; one of the many myths, legends, and easter eggs that have been created by Bungie.

Tijuana Mama

The Penrose Sausage "Tijuana Mama"

Big Mama Pickled Sausage

Big Mama, the sister product of Tijuana Mama.

"The most famous Bungie foodstuff is probably the Tijuana Mama, a spicy sausage who's ingredients include 'mechanically separated chicken, pork hearts and protein concentrate.' It's also '300% hotter.' Than what, we may never know. Nor want to." - From The Official History of Bungie[1]

Alex Seropian, a Chicago native and Bungie co-founder, said that the last 10% finishing Halo: Combat Evolved felt like "impending doom of the 'tijuana mama game,'[2] meaning that it finished up incredibly hot before release date.

The Tijuana Mama is a spicy pickled sausage from Penrose Sausage, the makers of the famous "Big Mama" and its spicier sister the "Tijuana Mama." They share a similar delicious flavor, but the Tijuana Mama is 3 times (the mystery 300%) hotter and twelve (12) times more likely to cause issues in the bathroom.

The Tijuana Mama is readily available in stores, as is the sister product the Big Mama. Their delicious 300% hotter flavor will probably make you reminisce your grandpas zero story on how you bought two and ate them in one sitting. They are stocked heavily in military department chains, in case of alien portal invasion. Straight from NASWI. No lie aliens. The point is Tijuana Mamas are to be eaten one at a time, Big Mamas are not on the same page.

The Penrose Sausage factory in North Carolina suffered an explosion in 2011 (probably because some of their ingredients are REALLY hot) that ceased all production. This was a dark time that thankfully has now passed, and the factory is now back in production.