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This person is a former Bungie Employee


Nickname: cancel

Classification: OldSkool

Current Job: 3D Artist

Origin: Detroit, MI

Blood Type: Classified

Age: 29

Weight: Hobbit

Height: ewok

Girth: Beer can thick

First Job: Dish dog at a Mexican restaurant.

Hobby: The art of fighting.

Ultimate Halo Match: Anything with death jeep.

Ultimate Snack: brains

Ultimate Website: http://www.lpvoid.com/cancel/Stuff/index.htm

Mode of Transport: The last of the V8 Interceptors.

Fake Weapon: Beaky launcher.


TehDoyle is a practitioner of ansatsuken, which incorporated the most violent techniques from a blend of four styles, alongside a mysterious sure-killing technique called Shun Goku Satsu.


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