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Halo mulitplayer stats

Complete Halo matchmaking stats during their Halo era

The transfer of Halo stats from Bungie to 343 Industries began in the summer of 2011[1] and ended on March 31, 2012, as one of the last steps Bungie had to perform to fully move away from the franchise and work solely on Destiny after regaining their independence from Microsoft.


As a result, all Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach matchmaking statistics needed to be moved from Bungie's servers to 343, with 343 supporting the legacy stats while keeping any new stats, and Bungie could no longer host new user generated content or operate the Bungie Pro service.

The Transfer and Effects[]

On March 31, 2012, the stats were saved in a frozen state on Bungie.net to preserve that legacy, and any new stats generated were hosted and maintained on 343's new Halo website. When Bungie.net relaunched in 2013, their Halo-era site, including all Halo stats and files, were moved under a subdomain: halo.bungie.net.

In January 2021,[2] Bungie announced in the "KEEPING YOU UPDATED" section of This Week at Bungie that on February 9, the Halo.Bungie.net website would be taken offline permanently. They encouraged everyone to save their stats and files however they'd like.[3] Duardo said that the site was taken offline because of privacy laws and it being incredibly complicated to delete data on the old site. They tried to save the stats by removing the old forums, but it wasn't enough to save the site.[4]