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REAL GAMERTAG- arbiter2735-No U can't add me but if you want to mssg me first so i can make sure i know U

My Bio Real Name-Chris Barret Age-22 years old Likes-gaming, playing, eating, hanging out, talking, watching tv, watching movies Dislikes-n00bs, 3 year olds on xbox live, know-it alls, morons

Bio- I am going to work for Bungie studios soon in about 6 months when i finish college. I am going to a college in Kirkland, Washington and i live in a apartment in Kirkland, Washington. I am hoping to be a 3D art designer and design like the terrains and all the weapon textures blah blah. So anyway thats about all i can tell u and all i want to tell u SEE U SOON! oh and also i am the creator and owner of

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