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Azineyes first came to Bungie.net because he was looking for information on Halo 3 during the spring of '07. He came to Bungie.net every Friday to read the Weekly Updates while waiting for Halo 3 to release, yet he did not join(probably because he did not know what a forum was at the time) until he got a Xbox 360 and Xbox Live in November '07. He originally only joined so he could get the Septagon next to his gamertag in the Halo 2/3 lobby. After initially joining, he did not come back to Bungie.net for almost six months, finally coming back to ask for help with forge. His original B.net username was Caboose042, but after about a year, he created his new Azineyes account due to e-mail difficulties. He spends most of his time in The Septagon, The Flood or in his private groups.


Azineyes originally found Bungiepedia while surfing the forums on Bungie.net. He saw a link to the Webcam MVP page in Sonicjohn's signature. After learning about many Bungie lore, he decided to create an account and started editing pages.