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Ninja Overview
UserName Bobcast
Current Title Forum Ninja
Member Since 22.July.2007
Ninja Since 22.September.2007
Group Count 20
XL Gamertag Unknown
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Real Life

  • Name: Scott
  • Major(s):
Undergrad: Chemistry

bobcast next to a true American hero.

Medical School: Medical Doctor
Residency: Emergency Medicine
  • Real Job: Emergency Physician, worked as a firefighter/paramedic for 6 years before starting medical school.
  • Dreams and aspirations: Pay back his monstrous student loans. Once all that is done learn how to sail, buy a sail boat, and then sail all of the great lakes.
  • Favorite use of the number 7: On the front of whiskey bottles.
    File:Moderator bobcast.jpg

    Bobcast's old custom avatar

Bobcast’s favorite games are the Halo series, Resident Evil series, Borderlands, and select Final Fantasies.

Bobcast’s dream date would be to take out his woman sailing in the Great Lakes. Once on shore they would hop a ride in a red Mustang and drive to an authentic Italian Bistro. Once they got to the restaurant he would order pasta with a homemade red sauce and drink a fine chanti. After dinner we would go out for some partying where bobcast would drink Johnny Walker Gold Label Whiskey.


bobcast's old avatar. Life

File:Mod bobcast.gif

Bobcast's current avatar.

Bobcast joined as bobcast24ida on 7/22/2007. Bobcast had to start a new because he was unable to link his GT to his original account. His new account is known simply as Bobcast.

Bobcast can be found on almost every day. Bobcast spends most of his time in the groups Thee Warriors, The Septagon, the Optimatch, and Flood forums. Bobcast likes to aggressively get a hold of medical advice threads in the Flood. This is because the advice


bobcast's custom avatar for Coup d'Bungie.

given in these threads is almost always incorrect.

Bobcast banned himself once.


  • O-3 US Army Reserves AMEDD APMC
  • Is an eagle scout.
  • Loves to run.
  • CiaranLuke thought bobcast was a “Mystery being whose name often appears across the Bungie and Bungiepedia servers. Forum members maintain this he/she/it is simply an alternate of the Soul.” This in fact is incorrect.
  • Is a Doctor as of May, 30th, 2010.
  • bobcast played in every game during both rounds of Obi Wan Stevobi's 77,777 recon contest, including a 16 hour marathon session of Big Team Battle.





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