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Real Life

Little is known about his real life besides that he is 15 and has an IQ of 147, which is considered genius. Life

Cocoa44720 a known member of Mjolnir Battle tactics(MBT) and Second of Command of the group Spec Ops Force(SOF). He was also the Leader of two other groups Delta Black Ops and Vampiric Trinity. He is in the High scores of Halo 3 for the following medals and his place on them: Death from the grave(#6789 place),Stickys(#3529 place). He is the owner of the video company Vampiric Trinity Productions. Which is a non-profit company that does videos for gaming groups. All they ask for return is for their customers to come back to them if they are in need of help with videos. He also goes by the following Aliases: DarkIce Lord, Lord Zanku, and Ice Demon461.


There are a few rumors about him going around in small groups. One of which is he is a hero on People believe this rumor to be true because he has helped around 100 groups get started by following similar ideas to that of MBT's council government. After he helps a group he usually leaves it and never returns. He then moves on to the next group to help them get started.As of right now he is helping SOF and has set up an alliance with the group Ninja Acedemy for them.

He also proved a fact that everyone else knew but didnt want to admit. He proved that Smartalec13 is officially the worst driverin Halo. He proved it by racing Alec in a customs game on Standoff. Alec repeatedly drove off the edge by accident. Cocoa also lapped him several times.

Xbox Live

He know goes by the gamertag DarkIce Lord and plays a variety of games. Some of the games that he plays now are: GoW2,COD:4, COD:WaW, Halo 3, Two Worlds, and NFS:Carbon. He usually plays everyday and is one of the nicest guys to talk to on XBL. He uses logic (that most dont) to make better decisions. So if you see him on Xbox LIVE, your up for a real match.


DarkIce Lord



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