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Real Life


CruderRaptor, is 14 years old and resides "In a classified area." He obviously lives in the US. Other than hanging out on, Raptor loves to:

-Hang out with friends

-Play soccer, or bike outside


-Plays his 360, He loves playing GoW (Although he does not have it) CoD, Halo 3, Halo 2, Halo CE, Halo Wars, and WoW.

-He really hates Hypocrites... Don't know why....

CruderRaptor was born on 3/23/1995. His real name is Geoffrey.



Many members like to regard him as many stuff. Becuase of the many different personalities he has, he is either regarded as a:

  • A 10 year old
  • A 20 year old
  • A Great Leader
  • Immature
  • Hard Working
  • Responsible

Or many other "Random" Things. Known for his changing mood, randomness, and kindness. (Usually to his Members). You never know what he will say....

Another bunch of nicknames he gets called are:

  • "My Little Buddy" (By his mods and really good friends only).
  • "CurderRapter" (By Floodians who hate him)
  • "Cruder"
  • "Raptor"
  • "Geoff" Life


CruderRaptor Joined on June 1st, 2008. After lurking in the forums for 5 months after his friend introduced him to the site, He finally joined. Currently, he is a Honorable Legendary Member of the Bungie Community. He only likes to lurk around the H3 Forums, Bungie Community, and Group Forums.

CruderRaptor is actually not that active on the Public Forums. He Barely posts, and usually just looks at the threads. He only spends about 19/20 of his time on USA Army of America, Global Defense Force, Black Water Ops or many other of his groups. Usually, he also uses his time to recruit for USA Army of America

And Yes.....He has Coup D' Bungie.

Raptor has so far made 3 groups:

-Elite Honor Guard (Destroyed, had 8 members at it's height.)

-Camp Sniper (Got only 7 members, destroyed.)

-USA Army of America (His First Successful Group, Founded on January 21st 2009, currently 578+ members and still growing.)

Update: He has recently been reduced to a Honorable Herioc Member, do to him being inactive for 1 week (July 25th 2009-August 1st 2009.). He was on Vacation.

2nd Update: His title has been raised on August 3rd to Honorable Legendary Member....Again....

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USA Army of America

On January 21st, 2009. CruderRaptor founded the group: USA Army of America. Known for it's Repeating Name, It's great leaders, and atrocious Spelling and grammar for some of it's members. USA Army of America has now climbed up to 804+ members in 180+ days.

His time is decreasing dramatically on, AND, do to his real life.


Although mane people do not know, CruderRaptor has had many hardships in his life. At the age of 11, he witnessed the killing of more than 40 people in his Parent's home country of Nepal. As he says in BWO, starting the New BWO Help Thread, He tells them of the tragedy of the Nepal Civil War. He has seen Death, up close, and personal.

Black Water

On May 2nd, 2009, CruderRaptor joined Black Water He is pretty active there. Going on at least for 1-3 hours a day. Although, his time is decreasing, do to his real life. This is also affecting his time on


His name there is: BWO Raptor. His post count is 1350+. He was the first member to reach 1000 Posts, and has 3 awards. He plans to donate 100$ in October.


-CruderRaptor has been banned 2 times. Once, for recruiting in the H3 Forums. And a 2nd time for Thanking FoMan for banning Achllies on 4/1/09.

-Likes to post lots of Smiley Faces. -Fav Quote: "OH LAWD" Although he does not use it much

-Weakness: Being way to nice to his members.

-He has Perma'd over 50+ people in AoA. Call him a "Ban Freak on a banning spree."

-Weirdly, even though he is 14, Raptor has a Little To High voice on Live.

-He was banned for 300 years on Flood v2 for "Founding AoA."

-He was BWO's 3000th member.

-He was's 322nd member.

-A few floodians, now have a new respect for him as of 5/4/09.

-His favorite Book series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. In fact, the last book in the series comes out today, 5/5/09.

-He is indeed, a First Class Scout in the Boy Scout Organization.

-He is a Honorable Legendary Member on



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