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x Foman123 x
Ninja Overview
UserName x Foman123 x
Current Title Master Forum Ninja
Member Since 12.June.2006
Ninja Since 4.March.2008
Group Count 23
XL Gamertag Unknown
Profile Link http://www.bungie.net/Account/Profile.aspx?uid=1848159

x Foman123 x, commonly known as Foman123 or simply Foman, is an avid gamer and an active member of the Bungie Community. Foman is a prolific poster and active community member, Bungiepedia Administrator, Destinypedia Administrator, and a Bungie.net Master Forum Ninja. Foman is also known for being the founder of one of the largest Groups ever created on Bungie.net, CompoundIntelligence,

Early History

Foman's hobby, video gaming, led him to Bungie after the release of Halo: Combat Evolved and he soon thereafter found Bungie.net. Lurking and reading the Bungie forums for over three years, Foman finally created an account on June 12, 2006.


Foman's Old Ninja BNet Avatar

Summer 2006 through Spring 2007

Foman began posting frequently in the Halo 2 and Optimatch forums, and, when Bungie.net's Halo 3 Forum went live, Foman quickly migrated to it. Joining in the speculation, ideas, and theories located there,

File:Mod x foman123 x.gif

x Foman123 x's current avatar.

Foman was the creator of several popular threads. Foman's threads "Best New Marine Environment Interactions" and "Spartans Can't Float" were two of his most popular.

File:Moderator foman new.gif

Foman's old BNet Avatar.

The Guide

Foman became very involved in the Bungie Community. In the winter of 2006, he discovered The Guide, a Chapter on Bungie.net devoted to archiving information about the Seventh Column, reviewing Groups, and interviewing notable Bungie Community members such as moderators, chapter founders, and forum regulars. Foman interviewed dozens of Forum Ninjas, chapter founders, and community members, as well as conducting several chapter reviews.

Until its unexplained deletion in mid-2009 under unknown circumstances, Foman retained his role as Senior Editor of The Guide.


After BL4H00G4N4 created the Bungiepedia Wikia, Foman became interested and created dozens of articles about Bungie. After BL4H00G4N4 realized that he had other time commitments and could not devote much time to Bungiepedia, he gave Bureaucrat and Administrator rights to Foman.

Foman created an all-new Main Page while continuing to write and update articles and moderate Bungiepedia's content. More recently, however, Foman has lessened his time on Bungiepedia due to having less time available between real-life work and his duties as a Master Forum Ninja on Bungie.net and administrator on Destinypedia.


A few hours after AdjutantReflex posted for the first time on Bungie.net, Foman and WhiteRaven119 had a conversation via MSN Messenger during which Foman noted the amount of spam in the Halo 3 Forum created by AdjutantReflex's post. Foman and WhiteRaven quickly hatched the idea of creating a group dedicated to AdjutantReflex discussion in order to alleviate some of the Halo 3 Forum's spam. Naming the group CompoundIntelligence after the security role of the mysterious AdjutantReflex, Foman did the honors of creating the group and setting up its basic format.



CompoundIntelligence quickly became known as best possible place to go for up-to-the-minute information and discussion of the Halo 3 Viral Marketing Campaign, code-named "Iris." CompoundIntelligence's forum was the place where the vast majority of Iris discoveries were made during the entire three-month course of the game.

During Iris, Foman was involved in communicating and coordinating with the leaders of several other forums and websites devoted to the VMC. Because of this involvement, in addition to his receiving of several private messages from AdjutantReflex, Foman began to receive dozens and sometimes hundreds of private messages on Bungie.net per day. Because the number of private messages was so overwhelming, Foman was unable to respond to all of them, thus causing some members to post theories speculating that Foman was either a Bungie employee or otherwise involved in the Iris ARG, despite his repeated insistence that he was not.



Recent History

After the conclusion of Iris, Foman settled back into his familiar role, posting frequently in the Community forum, making silly pictures, talking with his Bungie.net colleagues and friends, and happily participating in groups and Bungiepedia.

Foman was invited to become a Forum Ninja on March 4, 2008.

On 9/24/2008 Foman was promoted to Master Forum Ninja.

Foman also administers Destinypedia, another Wikia wiki devoted to Bungie's Destiny.

He is still a daily active member on Bungie.net, and is easily reachable via private message there or through his user talk pages here on Wikia.


Trivial Facts about Foman:

  • Foman's Bungie.net login name, contrary to popular belief, is not a tribute to Abe Froman or Camp Froman (a sniper spawn location on the multiplayer levels Zanzibar (Halo 2) and Last Resort(Halo 3)). Rather, it is a nickname given to him by his best friend in college.
  • Foman games on either his 27" LCD TV or his 55" Sony LED TV.
  • A character based on Foman can be found in the Pimps at Sea RPG.
  • Foman is the only person ever confirmed to have received a private message from AdjutantReflex.
  • A Community-created list of forum achievements includes multiple "achievements" regarding making extremely long posts "like Foman."
  • Foman's screenshot "You're On," a recreation of the final scene in the E3 2004 Halo 2 trailer, was chosen as a Bungie Favorite on January 3, 2008. Link to Screenshot.
  • Foman's screenshot "Dusk Sortie," an enhanced screenshot of a Banshee flying against the sunset on Sandbox, was chosen as a Bungie Favorite on April 8, 2009. Link to Screenshot
  • Foman was nominated for "Biggest Individual Contributor of 2009" in Hawty McBloggy's 2009 Best of Halo Awards for his contributions to the Bungie community as a Master Forum Ninja.
  • Foman was interviewed by Urk on June 19, 2009 for Bungie.net's "Know Your Ninja" series. That interview can be found here.



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