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Group Pages[]

Below is the general format that all group pages must follow. A author may omit sections; however the page must be organized in the general format below. Any pages not following the template may be marked for clean up.

The general goal of the template is so that group pages all have a similar appearance. This is intended to make it easier for the reader to find the information they want while they’re browsing.


Group Name
Group Overview
Founded Year Created
Admin Current main Admin
Motto Group Motto.
Members Number of members in group, and the date the number was listed.
Clan Tag Destiny clan tag
Group Link Link to group

Use the group info template by going to the page Template:Bungie.net Groups. Click on the edit tab and copy and paste the source text from Template:Bungie.net Groups to the top of your group page. This will create the box to the right. You can then enter in the info as described on each corresponding line.


Please briefly describe the group here. Please include the group's focus, ie Halo, Discussion, Community, etc, as well as the general purpose of the group.

Group History[]

Describe the group's history.

Notable Members[]

List notable members of the group. Include the group's leadership and/or well know community members.

Group Titles[]

List the ranks within the group along with their meaning, responsibilities, and privileges. You may also want to include how to advance in rank within the group or other rank related information.

Community Contributions[]

List how the group has helped or harmed the Bungie or other communities. List any projects that have been completed, pranks that have pulled, or other pertinent contributions made by the group.


Place any links realted to the group here.


Add any category to the group page that the group qualifies for.