Bungie Wiki

Member/User's Pages[]

Below is the general format that all member/user pages must follow. A user may omit sections; however the page must be organized. For example, a user may omit his/her gamertag or contacts for privacy. Any pages not following the template may be marked for clean up.

Any banners the user is entitled to go here.

The user's current avatar goes here.

Info Box[]

Member info boxes added on the 21st of March 2012 allow basic information to be seen quickly without people having to skim through walls of text. There are 3 member boxes:

To add them when editing a page press 'Add other Templates' then search the above. Use the correct box and fill it in with the correct information.


Place any interesting quotes of the user or about the user here.

Real Life[]

List a briefly summary of the user's real life hobbies and activities.

Bungie.net Life[]

In this section briefly describe the users Bungie.net history. This should include the users join date, forums frequented, group activity, and any other notable contributions.

Bungie Games[]

This is where the user can brag about their ability to play Bungie games.


List any interesting fact or trivia about the user here.


Gamertag goes here


List any contacts the user wants public here.




List the user’s current groups here.


A link to the user's Bungie profile goes here, as well as any other appropriate links about the user.


Add any categories the user qualifies for.