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The Bungie Studios web team is responsible for maintaining Bungie's official site, Bungie.net. The main team consists of Tom Gioconda, Chris Gossett, and a few testers (such as Skiptrace). Tom is the primary developer, and Chris is the webdev lead for the website. Colm Nelson, who is a UI developer for the games, also contributed much to the new look of bungie.net during the New Hawtness relauch -- because Bungie was working with a company called If/Then to redo the website at the time, Colm came in about halfway through. Much of the Bungie.net art was produced by Lorraine McLees, Chris Barrett and Aaron LeMay.

Additional members of the Web team include Sawnose, who works on the stats tracking system and stosh, who tightens up the graphics.

The web team is also responsible for choosing and supervising the volunteer moderators, called Forum ninjas, as well as working closely with the Bungie Community Web Team.

Bungie.net Web team and Employees[]

These individuals are Bungie employees who possess moderation abilities. As of 2013 all Bungie Employees have the title Bungie.

Employees, Moderators & Mentors with Forum Powers
Web Team AchronoslukemsRunningTurtleSawnoseurkStoshJeremiah DeeJ
Former Web Team KillaneShishkaSketchFactorSkiptrace
Forum Ninjas Ash55bobcastDazarobboDR WE1RDNedusOld Papa Richx Lord Revan xdmbfan09Butane123irishfreakShackerJBSpudsterIndexMoonDawgGowebx Foman123 xDuardo
Former Ninjas Achilles1108Ghandi 2impurityKPaulMakaVeli4LIfe1Mr_HandReiginkoSigmaVII ToastxTr1GGeR HaPPYxSkiburGreat_Pretender Tom TGameJunkieJimborrowedchiefCaptain K MartEl RobotoGods ProphetodmichaelPezzaPredator5791Senor LecheSir FragulaThe SlayerTrue Underdogjust another fanevilcamPrometheus25THE DON WANBobBQchris547Anton P NymNosferatu SoldieQbix89Recon Number 54YoozelWax
Forum Mentors EZcompany2ndsqdBricypooUphillMercuryMalfarHylebosChorrizoTapatiodmg04MoonDawgSpawnCommander Scurvy
Former Mentors ZoobkillerninjaArbitor5