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Writers' Corner
Group Information
Theme: Bungie Community Theme
Founder: Tartan 118
Location: All around the world.
Motto: We'll read yours if you read ours.
Members: 361
Founded On: June 6, 2010
Group Page: [1]

Writers' Corner[]

Nicknamed Water Closet, Writer's Corner is an open group of Bungie.net. It serves as a place to share your writings, poetry, art, etc. with other members of the group, as well as read and comment on theirs. It is a rather small community, reaching a little over 350 members and only a small portion of those active (with even less members actively reading and commenting on stories and written works), but users interact on a daily basis and the group grows in members at a progressive rate. Everyone gets along pretty well. NOTE: A common question that's asked is why the group is named "Writers Corner" when it should be "Writers' Corner." The answer is that Bungie.net group titles don't allow for apostrophes.


Although the origins of the group can be debated, a major part of how it came to be was the summer of 2010, when members of the Flood forum began to write and post written works. AngryBrute1, now one of the leaders of the group, created a thread showing off a story of his. Users in the thread sparked interested and out of confusion of why there were no writing groups on the site, decided to take matters into their own hands. Tartan 118 led this movement by creating the group.

The group continued to gather members over the months and soon became to be one of the most popular writing groups on Bungie.net.


Currently there are three head administrators for this group.

Founder/Head Administrator: Tartan 118

Vice Administrator: AngryBrute

2nd Vice Administrator: Rampant Tragedy

There are also several moderators who fall beneath the above administrators. Moderators and administrators are a part of WC Elite, an extension of Writers' Corner that deals with decisions and issues that affect the group as a whole.