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Zach Russell (Zach)


Nickname: Zach Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Test Tools Lead, Bungie.net Dev Lead Origin: Scappoose, Oregon

Blood Type: Purple Age: 30

Gamertag: XMB MLSxShAd0W

Weight: 200 pounds Height: 6'0"

Girth: Like Dumbo

First Job: Making maps using GIS for Bonneville Power Administration

Hobby: Working, Skiing, Working, Playing video games(wait that's work too), Working, Cooking, Working.

Ultimate Halo Match: With Luke Timmins and Michael Evans playing snipers for an hour on Sidewinder at about midnight a month or so prior to finishing Halo1. Or just messing around in Halo 3 with my friend Avery Zerbst.

Ultimate Snack: Blackberry Fruitshake (Odwalla)

Ultimate Website: www.bungie.net

''''Favorite Quote:' "No one will every pay you to play computer games all day long! Get outside!" - My Mom

Biggest Career Moment: Watching how enamored my friend Nick Uchida was with playing Myth(I&II) and Bungie games.


Games are where my career in computers started. I had an old Apple IIC that my brother and I broke several keys on the keyboard playing Olympic Decathlon(sorry Mom!). This was a start but computers were still a passive interest until a family friend of ours gave us a 286. I was just impressed when he did not have to put a disk in the drive when he turned it on. Then he sent me Wing Commander and the rest is history. I love what I do!


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